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  • Espinaca Dip

    There’s no question that the perfect snack for any occasion is our famous Espinanca Dip. This fan favorite is made with creamy, melted jalapeño cheese, spinach, onion and tomatoes. We know you’ll be hooked with just one bite.

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  • Fresh Salsa

    Chunky garden style salsa is a tortilla’s best friend. Diced tomatoes, green onion, authentic spices and our unique combination of three types of peppers will make this salsa numero uno in your casa. Serve as a snack, top your taco or add to your best Tex-Mex dish

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  • Bottle of habanero hot sauce

    Habanero Sauce

    This tangy habanero-flavored pepper sauce is the perfect complement to any dish. Each bottle is crafted in small batches using fresh jalapeño and habanero peppers, and a special blend of spices.

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  • Bottle of roasted chili hot sauce

    Roasted Chili Sauce

    Fire-roasted chili fuels the flavor for this kitchen staple. Jose Pepper’s Roasted Chili Sauce is mild enough to enjoy with any of your favorite Tex-Mex dishes while still packing a subtle punch of heat.

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